Cannot insert YouTube videos with a start time (example: ?t=57s at the end of the URL)

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  1. Multiple Choice Question --> Add Media --> Video --> Paste YouTube link with start time in its URL . For example:
  2. WordPress 4.9.1
  3. Mobile or Desktop
  4. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  5. H5P plugin version Version 1.10.0
  6. H5P content type : Quiz Question Set

The YouTube video will not play, and says "An error occurred"

If I exclude the "t=2m55s" from the URL, it works properly.

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Hi Avi,

Thank you for reporting this. I'm sorry the start/end time in Youtube is not yet supported.


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Hi Avi!

The time code for the start position will not be set automatically as BV52 correctly mentioned, but H5P should be able to correctly extract the video anyway since one of the summer releases of 2017 -- and it works fine on

So, one thing you could do is check if the latest version of H5P.Video is installed on your system. That would be 1.3.10 if I am not mistaken.

If it is: are there some hints in the javascript console (will open by pressing F12)?