How to add image hotspots with course presentation ?

I can't find image hotspots when use course presentation content .

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Hi kangland,

Currently image hotspots is not included in Course Presentation. The good thing about H5P is it is open source. So you or anyone in the community can add the this content in CP. 

If you are a developer or have access to one this documentation is a place to start.


Thank you for reply. 

Just copy "Image hotspots" folder into Course Presentation folder ? 

I have tried to put " Image hotspots " file  into Course Presentation folder, and upload it , but failed to show "image hotspots" function. T_T

I have tried to find "Course Presentation " in the linux, but aslo failed , I don't know where it .

It's so hard for me !!!!!!

Sorry I'm not a coder , just learning simple scripts, html, css, Js, python , linux command, sql command .

I try to look for solution in the Forum.

I find many H5Per take the same quesiton about add other content into Course Presentation on 2016 ago

but unsolved. T_T

I think that make an option for add other content into Course Presentation.

In fact, I need to add 2 function : image hotspots and play audio on the silder  for making learning Japanese matierals.

I have tried to use Column content for add 2 hotspots in one images  , but there's no option to add audio. 

If have no image hotspot into Course Presentation . My project can't done it at all. 

I'm breaking heart, I feel like I'm dead but breathing. T_T




















 Can you please help me to add "Image hotspots" into " Course Presentation " . 

Thank you so much !!!




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Hi Kangland, you will have to take the time to read the developer documentation. It may be a bit difficult at first but I guarantee that you will gain a greater understanding of how H5P works. The main gist of what you have to to is to add image hotspots as dependency to course presentation via it's library.json file. 

If you are still stuck you may want to try and find someone who is proficient in javascript and front end technologies to explain the source code to you. 

Good luck,


I tried to do that and will do as what I replied on the above.

I  think that just copy some Image hotspots file into Course Presentation file .

But I don't know which files should copy, and where are they ?

Can you please tell me which files and where are they ?

Thank you so much!


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Hi Kangland, it should be explained clearly in the documentation. Let me know if there is something specific in the documentation you're having trouble with. 

- Tim