Suggestion about a new H5P module.

I have suggested it before, but I dont know if I explained it well enough. It would be a good thing, I think, to be able to replace graphics in "layers" so you can show "different states" of "things", like an electric cirquit that is "on" or "off".

I just made a prototype to demonstrate what I mean. I tried to use .svg graphics to make it fast, and I made a few misstakes, but still I think it demonstrates how it could work.

I think this should not be as diffucult to make as some other H5P modules that are allready made.

Demo for the suggestion:

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Yeah, great. I think you can do that with the new presentation tool as well. You'll just add a button on the "on button" that takes you to slide two, and on the "off" button that takes you to slide 1. It will probably also be possible to remove the navigation line from a specific presentation in upcoming versions, and we might make it possible to remove the transition effect when you change slides enabling you to do pretty much exactly the same except it won't be layers but an entirely new graphic that gets displayed when you hit the button.

A layered content type is obviously also possible, but it's not on Joubel's roadmap yet. Maybe someone else will create that?


This is made with the Adobe Muse presentation tool. It is not "very well suited for this purpose" but it can be done. I don't actually dont know how it works as I made it as "click, drag and drop". I will try to do the same with your (H5P) presentation tool as well. (And make a post if I can find out about it.)

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I made a quick test. The transitions between the slides really messes it up, but we'll make it possible to remove them.