costumize current content package


I was trying to add some modification to the dialog cards content package

i downloaded by:

h5p get h5p-dialogcards 

But there is no h5p.json file in the root for example,

I've just give a try to zip and rename the extension and than upload to moodle

But i get this error:

Validating h5p package failed.

I dont konw how solve this issue

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Hi joopm!

I don't think there should be a h5p.json file, should it? You should find library.json for dependencies and semantics.json for the editor setup.

If you want to create a package, you can use h5p pack [-r] <library> [<library2>...] [my.h5p]. Also, try just executing h5p or e. g. h5p help pack.

May I ask what kind of setup you're using? Maybe I can save you some more trouble.