Simple "two state animation" - How to?

I have used Adobe Muse to create a "on and off animation off an elecrical cirquit":

I will like to do the same using the H5P presentation module (or some other module). Just now
it looks like this:

How to do it bether ?

You can use the anchor tool to switch off and on the  cercuit instead of moving the slides back and force. ..

Hmm .. I thought anchor tools was something to use to navigate inside a web page. At the moment I have no idea how to use it in this case, but I will try to look into it ..

I tried to look into the module itself and to go trough the manual, but I'm completely lost. I dont understand how to use a "anchor tool" in this case. Is it possible to have a hint or a howto or some avice what to do?

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See the navigation in the January release note. There we use the "anchor tool" to switch between slides when you click on the page.

OK thanks. I did not know that. I might not also have done the proper upgrade of H5P module. I will try to look into it. 

I have made a new test or demo this time using Adobe Edge. It starts to works bether:

I will try to implement or do the same with H5P.

By the way at the "Edge test model" Im using .svg graphics and not .png. I think it would be an good idea to also give H5P support for .svg as this makes things "ligheter and smoother".

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Yeah, we'll add support for svg but it has no eta yet. We'll also make the update process a lot simpler, hopefully this spring.

It would be great to have the .svg support for H5P. I got the Adobe Edge working quite good now, but there is some strage things about how it works. If you right click it looks like it is running on their server, even though I installed it only on my own server. I dont like this dependency of Adobe's online runtime envirnoment. (If I understand it right.)

Finaly I understood what this "Anchor tool" was. This presentation actually works for its intended purpose, I believe. (But transitions should not be "sliding", they should just "change at position".

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Yeah, it will be great when you can turn off those transitions.