User friendly focus and content creation efficiency

I've been using h5p (in wordpress) for the first time and thought I would share some initial impressions and suggestions.

One thing is where you insert content in boxes like the single or multi choice content within a course presentation. It would be useful to display 3-4 boxes on a single slide by creating one box, copying it the desired number of times and then just modifying certain data in the new boxes.  I can't see any way of doing this, so I have to create each box separately and enter all the data 4 times.  I think its this kind of user-friendliness which would stop new time-pressured users (eg teachers) from getting frustrated and really help h5p take off.

Teachers, web designers or anyone else wanting to create interactive content will generally put a value on time and experiences such as this might frustrate them and add a barrier to acceptance as a genuine interactive content creation tool.  Also for content in a similar format that just needs to be replicated and then the text adjusted, it would be nice if text content could be edited quickly without having to always go into the editor, save it, come out, create a new box, go into the editor etc. This may be difficult and time consuming to code, I'm afraid I don't know enough to help develop it, but I really think making existing content types as easy to use and as efficient as possible should be as much of a focus as creating new content types (drag and drop, quizzes etc).

I'm sure there's continual development but thought you would like to hear from a new user

Keep up the excellent work


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Hi Adam,

Thank you you for the detailed explanation and for your suggestion. Part of the plans for 2018 is better editing experience.