A bunch of activities don't appear anymore


I'm using Wordpress (, and H5P (1.10.0) and a couple of days ago I realised some of the activities created with H5P don't appear anymore sur mon site (elantzen.eus). They don't appear either when I'm trying to edit it and I click "view" it doesn't show anything but I see the content is there. I'm using Chrome. It happens with different activities, activities which have been working without a problem long time. Any clues of where it might come the problem? I'm supposed to do a presentation of my site next week to a group of teachers, so I'm quite worried.

Thanks for your great work

It looks like is got to do with my browser, the site works perfectly in other computers, and on Firefox as well in my computer, don't understand, I've got the last version of Chrome....

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Hi jgarate,

I have seen several posts with a similar issue. Can you please verify if you have uBlock Origin plugin installed in Chrome? If so can you check if you have error logs in the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) since I am unable to reproduce the same issue even after installing the plugin.


It wasn't uBlock but adblock, now it works, thanks a lot!!!

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Hi jgarate,

I'm glad it's working now and thank you for providing additional details.

There is a task created to fix this issue and you follow the prgress here.


Column doesn't work with uBick or Adblock enabled.

What can we do to deal with this? All my content appears broken with ad blockers enabled.



Edit: This list in question is EasyList

Static filter ##iframe[src="about:blank"] found in: 


Edit 2 Fix: Find the iframe code in your installation and change src="about:blank" to src=""

In Drupal, this is in h5p.module on line 686.

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EasyList has fixed this in 9557d76.