H5P for Ilias

Dear Community, 

I've seen for few month that the moodle plug-in is still in preparation.

We are working with an other LMS, Ilias (Php based LMS like Moodle ... but better :p), and i want to push the idea to create a h5P module on our LMS. 

However, i have some difficulties to understant witch problem they are on the porting ? Maybe, if i'va access to the developper architecture it should be more clear for me ? Maybe some peaple can share their experience about the h5p porting on moodle?

thanks you for the response and for adding me on the developer group,

Best regards, 

Florent Delomier


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Hi! By translation do you mean porting - creating a plugin for Ilias?

With developer access to H5P.org you'll be able to share your own H5P content types and applications. You won't get access to any additional documentation.

Svein-Tore Griff With (aká Falcon)

yes, i mean porting or creating a plug-in. 

That why i need to find some information about the difficulies about the moodle porting and i ask for REX here.


Thank you for your help, 

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I don't think there are any specific difficulties except maybe the file system. No one in the H5P team has worked on the Moodle integration since early 2014. It's about porting the Drupal or Wordpress plugins to Moodle, and we haven't had the time to do ti yet.