Newbie question: Which platform should I use to run H5P?

Hi, my name is Frank and I am absolutely new to H5P.

I have developed many learning courses in the past and have worked with tools like Flash, Articulate, Toolbook, Camtasia, Captivate and some more.

What I have never done before is creating online courses like with H5P.

As far as I understand I have to install H5P on a platform like WordPress, Drupal or Moodle. This is a little bit sad, because the only CMS I really master is Joomla ;-)

In case I have to install a new CMS on my server. Which one should I choose?

I would intuitively choose Moodle because I have some experience with learning management system from the past.

But maybe WordPress or another platform are better suitable for H5P or easier to install?


Thanks in advance for your help and informations.


Greetings from Germany :-)


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Hi Frank555,

Here are a few things that may help you decide. Please note that this just from my own opinion and not in anyway an expert advice ;-)

- Leaning towards Moodle is understandable since you have mastered another LMS which could help. Although there are some limitations in terms of customization (IMOO).

- Having used Wordpress in the past I was initially leaning towards it. The draw back is that it doesn't have it's a built in "Gradebook" so another plugin is needed to capture the scores generated by the H5Ps.

- Drupal's main advantage againts the 2 is the development capability. It has the most robust developmental environment among the 3.

Currently I am using all 3 for testing purposes.

I hope this helps :-)