Problems with Mark the words - asterix are shown


We are having problems with Mark the words. 

Our Moodle and h5p information is:

Moodle version er Moodle3.2.3+ (Build: 20170608)
Plugin version er 1.6 (2017112800).

When we make the assignment, the asterix are shown to the ones who wants to do the assignments afterwards - even though we, as far as I can see, have made the assignment correctly.

We also updated Mark the words to the newest version.

Can you tell what the problem is?

Thank you in advance.


Kind regards, Rasmus Klargård

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Hi Rasmus,

Mark the Words was not designed to handle phrases or sentences as the answer. Eventhough that is the case there is a workaround that you can do, this is by replacing the spaces with &#32. 

I've edited the sample content that you provided and you check it here. Feel free to download it.