Limit quiz/course presentation to only 1 attempt?

Hallo H5P developer, 

We are an e-learning provider for Dutch and Belgian healthcare. 

We use H5P as a plug-in in our Moodle based LMS. 

A colleague of mine wants to present a quiz/ interactive course presentation that participants can only do once, with no retry-option. 

She tells me that even when you dismiss the 'Retry' button at the end, the activity showcase in Moodle allows participants to reset the module and do it again. we want to avoid this, because the module is meant as a test! 

How do we do this? 

Thank you very much for your feedback. 


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Hi Katrien
Could you explain a bit more in detail how a Moodle course participant can reset the module ? I'm not able to reproduce this here, describing the steps to reproduce this woud help greatly in diagnosing this.

Another issue that you should be aware of is that the answers of H5Ps are evaluated on the client, not on the server. This basically means that any any data-savvy person or developer can cheat on H5Ps, so they are not particularly well suited for exams or tests. We will be working on improving this at some point, but currently the scores for H5Ps are not a fool-proof measurement of a persons competency on a subject.

Best regards, Thomas.

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