Board Game

I tried to create a board game.  I used the documentation on the site and videos, but keep coming up with this

A very small incomplete image of the gameboard with start.  I had trouble uploading the image.

My settings are available at this link--

Any ideas as to why this happens?  Any setting I need to change?  Thank you, Janice

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Hi Janice,

You will need to either stretch the background image (using a separate software) or use a larger image. The content follows the size of the background image. Furthermore there is limited support for this content and the last update to it was 2 years ago.


Thank you so much.  That worked.  We just got the plug-in for Moodle and am working on learning as much as I can about all the tools so I can teach faculty.  I am also presented at some local and national conferences hopefully on H5P.  Since board game is complex and has limited support I might not emphasis it as much as the other tools. Thanks for making me aware of that.  Have a great day, Janice