Using Asian Video Sharing Websites

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Good Day,

I am currently working in China which means I cannot use youtube or vimeo as a source for my interactive videos anymore. I am not very knowledgeable with programming etc but is there a reason H5P doesnt allow me to pull videos from Asian websites?

Links to the two popular websites.




It would be really fantastic if I could create content using videos from one of these sites.

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Hi Nicolaas!

I am sorry that you're having trouble with using H5P. There are no restrictions for the use of videos from China or any other country, but you'll have to provide H5P with a direct link to the video (typically ending on .mp4, .webm, etc.). Unfortunately, it will not work by just providing a link to a website that hosts videos.

YouTube is a special case, because they provide an interface that can be used for playing the videos.

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Thanks! that makes sense.