why use h5p ?


Well, because it allows me to learn and know new tools, I just have a problem, I do not know how to speak in English and if this application were in Spanish and other languages, it would be easier for me to use it. However, I support myself with an online translator and this is how I am writing and giving my opinion.

I am very sure that as its creator, extending its horizons is an exciting challenge, the fantastic ones of this will be that people like me, using it without a translator and in their own language, this tool.

And I'm fascinated by the only thing that stops me being more effusive and understanding is the language.

Thank you, and at your orders Luz María Domínguez Ferrusquía, elementary school teacher.

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Hi Luz María,

It's good to hear that you are finding H5P helpful. Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better!

Es bueno saber que estás encontrando H5P útil. ¡Muchas gracias por contribuir con sus ideas sobre cómo mejorar el H5P! Estoy usando un traductor también :-)