Trouble with Akeeba Backup plugin for joomla and wordpress

On localhost server

Wordpress 4.1 librairies installed and some H5P contents  have been created. No other extensions activated.

After the installation of Akeeba Backup plugin, the contents can't be edited (unabled to load semantics) when Akeeba is activated. But if you desactivate Akeeba (don't need to uninstall) all is running.

Maybe an explanation of an unsuccessful attempt on a joomla 2.5 site with Akeeba plugin activated ?

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Hi! I've installed the lastest H5P and Akeeba Backup plugins on the lastest version of WordPress. I haven't encountered any issues testing both of these plugins. Do you know if you have any special settings or similar? Have you restored your site from a backup?

Also it would be of help if you could check your web server's error log for messages from PHP, and check your JavaScript console (Ctrl+shift+i).

I don't know what happened, maybe to much things in the same time on the localhost server.

Today it's working fine...

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Ok, good to hear you got everything working :-)