Single Choice Set


I've just tried the "Single choice set" content type and it's wonderful. The presentation is astonishing. Congratulations!

I've realized that in the "Single choice set" content type there is no "Task description" bar in the editing mode. In other content types, there were a "Task description" to say for example: "Complete the exercise / Fill in the blanks, etc." In this module, I would have liked to write "Choose the correct answer", but at the moment, there isn't this possibility. Will be there an upgrade with the "Task description" bar in the editing mode when making exercises with the "Single choice set" as in other activities?


Thank you!



Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

The goal for the "Single choice set" content type was to make tasks as fast to create and as minimalistic as possible. That's the main reason for the abscence of a "Task description" field. 

Unfortunately we don't have any plans to include a "Task description" field at the moment. However, if you are a developer you can modify the content type to suit your needs or you can inquire H5P service providers to tailor this functionality for you if needed.