New content type requested: Image Hotspot Question

I'd love to see an H5P image hotspot question type similar to this format used by the Drupal Closed Question module:

These sorts of questions can be very useful for testing users on their ability to identify parts of an image or diagram. I imagine it wouldn't take much work to accomplish this in H5P (given that an image hotspot content type alread exists for presenting information), though it's a bit beyond my current technical skill. I'd be willing to offer financial support to the development of this sort of content type, however.

falcon's picture

Yeah, good idea. I guess this should be next on the list of basic question types for H5P. If you want to order this from Joubel you may contact us through the contact form here on Lately we've been able to find sponsors for almost all high priority work and don't do much work that aren't being sponsored.