Display feedback text following response on multiple choice questions in presentation

We are building an activity using a series of multiple choice questions in a presentation. When you select a response and click "Check", a tiny thought bubble graphic appears on your answer. If you click the thought bubble, the feedback text explaining the correct answer appears. We need the feedback text to appear when the user clicks Check, without that intermediate step, as the feedback is really the learning mechanism in this activity. What would be the best way of making this adjustment?

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If you make a patch or pull request for the Multichoice repository on github we'll be happy to add this to the official version.

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I would like this feature too.

I wanted to check in about this, because our collaborator Francis submitted code for this update on Github (https://github.com/francisfueconcillo/h5p-multi-choice) which we see has been committed to the H5P project. Do you know when your next release will be?

The project we need this for launches in a couple of weeks, so if there won't be a new version of H5P before then, we'll have to come up with an interim solution until the update comes available. It would be helpful to know if we need to be figuring out that solution or not.

(This is also true of the work he did on hiding the summary slide, which Francis made a pull-request about here: https://github.com/h5p/h5p-course-presentation/pull/7)


I love this feature too, the less the steps, the better the user experience :)

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We hope to get this out the door next week. You may turn on development mode on your site and install the updated library in the mean time. development mode makes it possible to install libraries that don't have a higher patch version. You should turn off development mode after doing the installation of the library. The library may be packaged using the H5P CLI or manually by zipping it and renaming the zip file to .h5p.