Image Hotspots - Content Item Load via Ajax


I have question about another content item in ImageHotspots. Now availables are two: text and video. I need to use select field with options. Options will be loaded from drupal content via ajax. How can i create this thing? Do I have to create new widget or can i use select field from semantics.json and loaded options in js file?

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Hi, do you want to add a new custom library to Image Hotspots ? Or do you want to add an existing library, e.g. H5P.Image to ImageHotspots ?

If you want to add a custom library you first have to create it. See developer guide.

If you want to add an existing library to ImageHotspots, you can either create a pull request for it in github, or you can create a hook to add this dynamically for only your site for you plugin. You can read more about creating a hook in the customization guides.