Exporting of h5p questions

I notice that, on my server,"sites\default\files\h5p\exports" has a copy of all the h5p files created for questions. If I am not allowing download of h5p files do I need these files or can I delete them?

If, in my case I do not need them, is there a way to prevent them being built in the first place?

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Those files are created for the download features. It takes some processing power to create those files, so instead of creating them many times they are created once and stored. However we do consider now to change or make it optional so that people who rather would like to save disc space than processing power can do that. Obviously the current opproach also makes sure that users who want to download can start the download instantly.

If you would like to work on making this behavior optional it would be great!

Thanks I will have a look at it.

Just to be clear, the files are only used for download purposes. That is, they are not used when simply presenting a question. So if they were not there, downloading would clearly not be possible, but otherwise the application would run fine (from the info in the DB)?

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That is correct :) File isn't used when creating, editing or viewing the content.