Is there any comprehensive documentation on Course Options?

I attached a file called Course Options below. It's a screenshot of the myriad options at my disposal when creating a new Course. The thing is, I'm not really sure what each of them really does or their purpose, specifically. There are question mark icons next to each that I can click that gives me a small description of each, and that's great, but what actually happens if I pop some text into the Short Description or Course Materials fields? If I choose a Course Price Type, where is that displayed on the front end and how is it used? And basically so on and so forth for each other option on this page.  

Basically, I would like to become well-versed in how these options actually effect the Course I am creating. Does there exist any comprehensive documentation on these options?

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Hi anghellickarma,

I'm not sure where you got the screenshot from. Is this from an LMS?