Grade/Results reporting

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but after about 30 minutes of searching forum posts without a concrete answer, I'm resorting to a new post.  Incidentally, I think a search function on your forum would cut down significantly on duplicate topics.

I'm really excited about H5P for content production and a potential SCORM alternative, but there's one thing I haven't seen yet.  Can H5P content report results of questions externally to a gradebook?  I'd love to use H5P for generating my computer based training modules for my company, but our training needs to be traceable and quantifiable.  I'm looking at using this in a Drupal environment, so I was excited to see the compatibility there, but without some kind of score reporting this doesn't quite meet my needs.

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We make the users actions and results available through xAPI(Tin Can) statements. In Drupal we also store start time, end time, max score and score in a database table with views 3 integration. There is two default views, one showing all results for a given user and one for showing all results for a test. These views appear when you install and enable the views module, and you can create your own views with this data as well.

Amazingly helpful and quick reply.  Thank you so much.

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