H5P embedded in forums?


Is it possible to place H5P content directly inside a forum post? I tried to use the embed codes on a Discourse forum sandbox, but nothing showed up. Is posting a link to a WP post that houses the H5P content the only solution?

Thanks :)

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It depends on the forum really. In theory, H5P can be embedded into any web page. I'm not familiar with Discourse, but most forum software has the option to allow for iframes. It might be that you cannot use the embed code directly and that you have to press a button opening a dialog where you specify the URL and size, which you should be able to find inside the embed code.

If you can't find any button related to iframe or code I would try searching or asking in the Discourse forum. Remember, all you need to insert an H5P is iframe support in the forum software, and if they support YouTube-videos they probably have it! 

They do support YouTube videos so that should work.

Thanks for your reply.