Create an interactive booklet

For a project i need to create an interactive booklet for teaching English to non-native English speakers.

i am very new to HP5 and i need advice on the content types and tools you would recommend me using ? 



need to create a interactive booklet and need advice
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Hi uanseru,

Welcome to H5P!

There are several contents that should fit what you want to accomplish. Flash Cards and Dialog Cards are a good place to start since these contents combine visual and in Dialog Cards' case audio. Speak the Words is also a very good exercise. Finally there is Column, Course Presentation and Quiz (Question Set) which let's you combine multiple contents in one package. A visit to the Examples and Downloads page can also help in deciding which contents are best for the activity that you planning to create.


Hi BV52 , 

Thanks for all the information i have just been playing around with all the content at the moment . i just have one problem now how would i publish it ? would i need to have a website available ? Whats a quick and free easy way for me to create and publish the contents for public view .



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Hi Uanseru,

There are several ways you can approach this.

1. If you are creating your contents in the contents are publicly available so sharing the URL is possible.

2. You can also use a blog/web site builder that has an option to insert HTML codes and use the embed option of H5Ps. I've been using Wix and Blogger.

3. If you are creating the contents using Drupal, Wordpress and Moodle you would have to publish your website.


Hi BV52, I'm really keen to start using H5P for several things on our website however it's a Wix site. Would the solution you've mentioned (ie creating contents on H5P then embedding the HTML) work?


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Hi LittleOak,

Yes this will work for Wix. All you need to do in Wix editor is to look for the embeds -> HTML and you are good to go. Please note that there are plans to disable the embed feature for newly created content in So either you host your own site using Wordpress, Moodle or Drupal as your repository for H5P contents or sign up for