H5P integration - additional documentation



We have to prepare a plugin for implementing H5P to our system but our developers have some problems.

We have read some information about integration from a page: https://h5p.org/creating-your-own-h5p-plugin , but our developer cannot find information how H5P stores information in database and how to retrieve that.

On documentation webpage, there is some mention about this „The APIs provided by these two libraries has not been documented yet. We're planning to simplify the a lot. „

So I am writing with question and ask to you, if you have any additional information already which could be helpful for integration?



PS. I have send mail via contact form but there was no confirmation so I am copying it here.

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For a high-level description of how H5P stores info in the database you can see the "Data models and relations" section in the page that you linked to.

Unfortunately we do not have closer documentation of how the different tables interact, this is up to the integration to define. You can see how this has been done with Wordpress by inspecting the class-h5p-wordpress.php file, which implements the H5PFrameworkInterface, which in turn defines most of the essential interface for making H5P work and communicate with the database.

If you have more concrete questions we're happy to answer them either here on the forums, or in our slack channel. Best of luck with your development work,

Hi Thomas, thank you for quick reply. I have send it to our developer and  I hope it will help.

Hi Thomas, 

Thank you for quick answer. I have send it to our developer and I hope that it will help  to make integration.