Chrome blocking all content on Wordpress

I set up WordPress on OpenShift just to be able to use H5P, otherwise I'm new to WordPress, H5P, and setting up accounts on cloud-based hosting services. Chrome is blocking all of my content, such that after I click "Create" I get a little badge with the pop up saying "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources." The same thing happens to published posts. Viewing the published page with content on Firefox and Safari seems to work though. Once I tell Chrome to load the script anyway, I continue to see new H5P content including in new posts, but I'm concerned that other viewers may end up seeing blocked content as well. Any suggestions. My test site is here:


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When I open your site in Chrome it seems like everything works fine. 

It might be an issue if you use https and your site's URL is set to http. We have another issue on the URLs, so I'll take a note and check if we can get it working with both http and https.

Thank you for reporting!