How do you create a course presentation with multiple background colors?'s picture

I noticed in the course presentation examples, the third example (classic presentation) has slides that feature text and a video/image; however, half of each slide is a different color.  I cannot find an answer on how to accomplish this look.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi s.forster,

If I'm not mistaken this sample was actually created prior to the Course Presentation having the capability of adding background images. I've attached an annotated image of slide 2 to better explain what are contained inside that slide. I think that to achive this now, it would still be similar to how it was done in this slide. The only main difference is that if you are going to use 2 or more colors without white in them you can use the base color as a background for the slide and use images as the other colors.

Furthermore if you want to check how a content was created you can download majority of the contents and upload it to your account. I think most authors will be happy to have helped you in creating your contents if you use their contents as a basis :-)