Interactive Video link to anchor on same page

I need to include a link in my interactive video that links to an anchor further down on the same page.  I have the functionality working, but it's opening in a new tab.  How can I get it to go to the anchor point while staying on the same page (Not opening a new tab or window)?

If it helps, the video is on a page created in WordPress with Elementor.



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Hi Pat,

The link in Interactive Video is meant as an external link, so it will always open in a new window unfortunately. You can create a pull request for making an option to let the author decide whether or not the link should open in a new window in the pull request forum.
As a workaround you can create a text interaction instead, and use the wysiwyg link there which has options for where the target of the link should be opened, but I guess that's probably not as desirable.

Best regards, Thomas