Error 500

I have installed H5P (current version) in Moodle Moodle 2.6.11.

The installation was carried out without problems, but when inserting an H5P activity and trying to access it from the course, the browser shows the following message: HTTP 500 error.

We have tried modifying the read and write permissions of the hvp folder and moodle data folders and still showing the same error.

We have tested with browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Please, could you help us solve this situation?

Thank you.

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Hi ProfesorInformatik,

We only support Moodle 2.7 and up. It is puzzling that you were able to install H5P. My suggestion is to update Moodle since not only you will have a version that works with H5P it will also have better features, better security and bug fixes.