resetting grades in Moodle 3.1


Is there an option to reset the grades of H5P activities in Moodle?

I have created a drag and drop and have been experimenting with setting a passing grade.  I have now figured out how to set the passing grade but I cant remove the attempts.  Now the ativity report is showing an X even though the grade book is showing a green 100%.

 Please see the attachments for an idea of what I am trying to describe.

I would appreciate it if anyone can let me know how to remove attempts to clear grades.



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There is no way to reset individual grades as far as I know. You can reset the whole H5P by editing it and saving it, which will accomplish reseting all grades for that H5P. Is it a standard feature of Moodle mods to be able to reset/edit grades ?

Thanks for replying Thomas

Anything that involves grading in Moodle usually gives you the option to reset grades or delete selected attempts.

Another thing I noticed, with the drag and drop exercise at least, is when you have finished answering the question you can't close it or submit and finish.



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I'm not particularly familiar with Moodle. You are able to override grades with H5P, and reset them by editing the H5P. You can not as far as I know delete a grade. I played around a little with the Quiz module, and noticed that you can delete attempts, is this what you are refering to ?

Could you explain how the process of resetting grades are done in the Quiz module for instance ? If it is a simple issue we might be able to squeeze it inside an upcoming release :)

Regarding Drag and Drop I have trouble seeing what is wrong from your description. You can't navigate away from it ? or you can't interact with it ? How exactly is the workflow here, and where does it fail ? If you only want the student to be able to answer the H5P once, you can disable the "retry" button in the Drag and Drop question settings.



Hi Thomas

Yes I am reffering to the option to delete attempts in a Moodle quiz.

I understand that you can reset attempts by editing the H5P module but we always have situations where we need to remove individual attempts.  We also may have a  scenario where we want to edit the H5P module but want to keep all of the grades.

I have attached a flow of a quiz.  I noticed while doing it that the learner isnt actually returned to the home page so I appologise for stating this was the case.

In Moodle you can also reset a course which will remove all grades, from all modules and from all learners within that course.

Drag and Drop.

Whilst doing the quiz flow I realised what I thought was missing isn't actually there in moodle either and must just be an ideal of mine.

So the only issue really is the resetting of grades each module could do with an attempts page.

Hope this makes sense :)



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"I understand that you can reset attempts by editing the H5P module but we always have situations where we need to remove individual attempts."

In moodle, can't you choose the person whose grade you want to change on the "grader report page" for editing, then check "override" for the activity that you want to modify, then edit (e.g. erase) and update? That seems's to work quite well here for h5p activities, too, but I am not sure whether our IT staff tweaked the moodle plugin a little bit.

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Thanks for the detailed steps.

I suspect implementing this for H5P entails creating a special report page, similar to Quiz' page. I appreciate that this can be a very useful feature, I have created an issue for looking into this in the backlog.

Meanwhile, I recommend creating an issue on github for this and/or in the feature request forum, where some developer might pick it up :)