Activity completion and grades in moodle


Just a quick question I could not find the answer for in the forum:

Afaik, when we are dealing with interactive videos or course presentation containing videos, students must watch the videos until the last possible second (or to press the "summary" tab) in order to complete the activity. This also applies for grades I understand, as students who correctly answer the questions and quizzes embedded in the videos do not get grades without watching the video until its closure.

Is this true?



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Hi Uriya,

That is correct. The Interactive Video content will send the xAPI statement to the Moodle gradebook once the video is done. In CP the same goes once the summary slide has been opened.

Furthermore there is an improvement on IV due for release. This will now have an option to send the scores everytime an activity/quiz is finished. No timeline yet on when it will be released but it is already in the testing phase. If we can finish the test prior to the next release this should be out within the month or early next month.