Video hotspots and Coursera

Hi! I am creating a MOOC course for Coursera. It would be a video-based course and I would like to know if I can use the H5P hotspots feature in my videos so the students can interact with the video lectures. Reporting on completion of the tasks is not relevant to me. The most important feature is the ability to present interactive videos.



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Hi Elegram,

I'm not sure I follow. Do you want to know if you can use H5P contents in Coursera? If so yes you can as long as they provide you the ability to insert HTML code which is the basis of the embed feature of H5Ps. I'm sorry I tried checking the site but I'm unable to create a course or something similar to it so I am unable to check.


Just wondering if anybody has tried to embed a video on Coursera with hotspots successfully. Very curious about how to do it. Thanks.