Interactive Video Reaction Test


I'm looking to create a reaction test where someone needs to click a button to score their reactions to something changing within the video.

Say for example 'Click the button when you see the red apple' 
If someone clicks too early, they will get a low score, if they click as the apple appears a full mark and then a lower mark the longer it has been visible in the video.

I'm using the H5P plugin for Wordpress, is this possible?

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Such a content type does not exist afaik, but I think it would be a nice addition to the already existing content types.

How do you think such a content type should behave? Should it be possible to e.g. add several "click-points" in the video? E.g: there could be a video where a red apple is shown 5 times. Also, could it be an idea that different instructions could be given while the video is playing. Eg: instruction after 5 seconds: "click the button when you see the red apple", after 20 second: "Click the button when you see the orange" and so on... My point is that such a content type should be as generic as possible to support different use cases. What do you think?

I've seen the following example, half way down the page they have a YouTube video using H5P to do interactions of flag markers and identify the hazard.

I'm looking to do the same sort of thing. Any idea on how I'd go about this?

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You are correct - these are H5Ps, but they are unfortunately not shared anywhere. Therefore it has to be built from scratch as a new content type.

Are there any developers here that would look at this kind of work? I've looked around on UpWork and not many people understand what I'm trying to achieve.

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I've asked a guy in the core team who have worked on something similar to comment on this. He is quite busy at the moment so it might take days/weeks before he answers this, but fingers crossed for a quick answer :)

Hi, sorry to resurrect an old thread. I'm looking for something similar and like the OP I have also looked on Upwork / Freelancer but to no avail. I'm looking for development of something like on this website:

If anybody could direct me to a developer that would be able to develop something like this, that would be brilliant.  Many thanks!