Course Presentation - Two Audios

- If a slide has two audios set to auto play, they play at the same time. Is there any way to make them play one after the other?

- Also, is there a way to automatically go to the next slide after a certain amount of seconds. This would be a good feature to add if it doesn't exist.

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1) No, there is no logic for determining this. I'm not sure how this would work, because the two audios would have to communicate between each other, and figure out which one would play first.

2) There is no functionality for this either. I feel like in a presentation you would usually want to control the flow of the slides yourself.

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...but for there are things like PechaKucha where such an option might be nice to have.

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I guess it could be really useful if you only have a set amount of time for your presentation, perhaps there should be room for this inside Course Presentation. Can either of you create an issue for this on github ?

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...and possibly implement it myself - sounds possible for my limited coding skills :-)

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That would be amazing :) I love pull requests

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Hi Thomas,

Are you thinking of doing something like this?

It's a plugin ( ) for RevealJS ( ) that synchronises audio and text fragments that appear on screen, one line at a time. The overall effect is like a video recording of a PPT with audio but much easier to edit and, of course, much lower bandwidth :)

I think that this is something that's missing from H5P and could make a big difference to the presentations.

Not sure if it's possible in H5P though.

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I don't think this can be quite compared to the proposed issue. As far as I can tell the suggestion was to have multiple audio elements in an order where they would communicate between each other when they were done, and the next audio in the audio order would start.

I really like your example, it works great. It seems each audio is tied to a navigational element. When you move to the next or previous step it will play the corresponding audio for that navigational element. If we were to compare this to CP each navigation would be a new slide, where you can have an audio element with auto-playing audio, but not the possibility of navigating within a slide.

I think your library could be useful in the "active surface" mode of Course Presentation, or as an individual content type separate from CP.

Thanks for the insight :) It should definitely be possible to implement in H5P. Hopefully it is interesting enough to pique someone's interest enough to create a pull request.


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Hi Thomas, sorry for the delayed reply. The example I linked to does monitor the playback status of the embedded MP3 files and, when in autoplay mode, it automatically displays the next element or slide in the sequence, playing any audio or video media as it goes.

I've been using RevealJS and the audio-slideshow plugin for a couple of years now but, unlike H5P with it's many features, RevealJS is a bit of a one-trick-app. I think something like the audio-slideshow feature would be a very useful addition to H5P.

All the best,


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Yeah, I agree, would be really cool :)