Content will not show on site

Hi Guys!

First... WoW what a thing you created AND for free-Thanks!

I have 2 issues.

1. When publishing ready made content it will not show on desktop/laptop. However, I can look at it on the preview function but thats it!  I use wordpress site. 

2. Interactive video will not show at all in mobile (in my case samsung 6) is there any thing to do about this since approx. 80 procent of the users accesd the site and its content from the mobile? I know apple users has problem.

Looking forward to your reply

Kind regards



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Hi Erik,

Glad you like H5P! I'm sorry that you're experiencing these problems. With some more info I hope we'll be able to help:

  1. What do you mean by preview function? Are you using some kind of LMS theme or other special things in WordPress?
  2. Which browser and browser version are you using when Interactive Video isn't working on Android?



Thank you for your quick reply. I do not know why, but suddenly it all works great on site...i did not do any thing active... (1) yes LMS (2) used both IE, Chrome. I am all happy now and i hope that i can get back to you guys again if there is any issues. Take  care. Regards Erik

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Glad to hear it worked out for you :)