Quiz Disappeared after publishing... H5P Error: "Invalid library string: undefined"

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So the other day we installed the module onto our Drupal 7 site. I began dropping in content (Question Sets, multiple choice questions). It was working fine and I was able to view the content and quiz immediately. Then all of a sudden, the quiz disappeared. What's wierd is that all the content is still there when I go to edit the page and content in the module. The published page is here https://www.freelock.com/whats-your-website-effectiveness

This is the error we are getting when I inspect the page:  

"Invalid library string: undefined"

H5P.error() h5p.js:604

H5P.newRunnable() h5p.js:551

H5P.QuestionSet() js_Wd6L5tb95vVoPktk5oho3svXPPLM7cpbbh1QcMSk_yE.js:2724

H5P.newRunnable() h5p.js:575

H5P.init/$containers<() h5p.js:63

.each() jquery.js:2

b.prototype.each() jquery.js:2

H5P.init() h5p.js:49

<anonymous> h5p.js:1395

b.Callbacks/c() jquery.js:2

b.Callbacks/p.fireWith() jquery.js:2

.ready() jquery.js:2

H() jquery.js:2


We downloaded the newest version of the Drupal 7 module 7.x-1.4 and have also upgraded all H5P libraries, but still cannot seem to drill down to the issue. Anyone have any ideas why 1. the content/module would totally disappear from the page once published, and 2. anyone else experience this javascript error? Might be some conflict? I tried looking in the forums, but couldn't find one that was similar. 

Thanks for all your help!



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There are 3 ok questions in the set while the forth is empty. Is there an empty question in the list of questions in the editor? If so you may delete the fourth question and I believe your questionset will start working again. We'll make sure this error doesn't happen in future versions even if you have empty questions.
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Hi Falcon, 

Yep, you hit the nail on the head, that was it. I had 4 completed questions and 1 that hadn't been completed. I deleted that 5th question and the module reappeared on the page. Thanks for helping out... why are things always such a quick fix, but so easily looked over?? HA.



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Great! We'll add a fix for that problem later. I've seen it before too.
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We've added a fix that should remove empty content parameters before the content is run. 8c68f23

Hopefully it will be part of the upcoming release. Thank you for reporting bug :-)