I can't create or modify content


I'm getting this screen when creating new content... I have no idea what's going on :S! I get the same (similar) screen when trying to modify an existing exercise.

Vídeo →  http://archivos.teacherjose.com/qXXb

Screenshot ↓ 

I hope any of you guys can help.

I think my server is running a bit slow, and I'm wondering whether that could be it. But everything else is working OK (just a bit slower than usual).

Thanks very much in advance,



It's me again. I got into the libraries section and refreshed 7 items that the system recommended me to update (refresh?). I don't actually know whether this is what got the issue solved or was just a coincidende though.

This is the first time this happens to me so I'm wondering: is this  something I should do on a regular basis (refreshing on the libraries section)? I usually update the plugin, but not this.

As you can see, my knowledge is quite limited in terms of technical jargon.

Thanks again and I'm sorry about the trouble,


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Hi Jose,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. 

There is a possibility that by refreshing the cache of the libraries was the trigger that resolved the issue. Refreshing the libraries is recommended everytime you updated them. Contents that were created using the older libraries does not get updated automatically not unless you refresh the libraries or update the content. I'm not really sure what happened but my theory is that there is a component that did not refresh correctly from the last time that you used H5P and got jolted/fixed by refreshing them.


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Thanks very much BV52.

Everything is working as normal and now enjoying this amazing plugin.