H5PBundle for Symfony


Hi All,

I ported a part of the Drupal H5P module to Symfony. I created a Github project for it: https://github.com/Emmedy/h5p-bundle. Although some tasks still need to be done, it's already working really well!


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Great news, Nieck. I'm going to collect a list of H5P Ports here:

and will add others as they come up. 


Hello !

I've installed your symfony H5P bundle : https://packagist.org/packages/emmedy/h5p-bundle

This works fine ! I have a lot of existing .h5p files and wanted to import them programmatically in my symfony website, during the fixtures creation process.

I've got a "Ressource" entity that contains an h5p Content. When i create an Ressource i create a new entity "Content" that is connected to the Ressource, but now i don't understand which way to use in order to link my .h5p file to the Content...

Does anybody have an idea about my issue ?

Thanks !