Can't scroll the page in H5P content area due to iframe

I am using H5P wordpress plugin and setting up 'Question Set' content type.

The web page can't scroll in H5P's content area due to H5P's iframe steal the scroll event. 

1) Is there any workaround? 

2) Is it possible to use H5P without embedding into iframe? 



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Is this is something you experience on touch devices?

Some of the H5P content types are displayed inside a div, but most of them inside an iframe. The main reason H5Ps are displayed using an iframe, is to avoid the CSS on the page affecting the H5P in an unwanted way. This is set by the developer of the content type, in the library.json file (the embedTypes property).

Hi fnoks.

Scrolling is working in some sites and not working in some sites. Not sure why.

Anyway I got your hint to edit the library.json to chage to div from iframe. Now trying to create a new content type based on 'Question Set'. Thanks.