Hi there i noticed that the boardgame is no longer available when i add a new h5p tool. Also i cant seem to find it at the examples en downloads? Has it been removed? That would be a shame case it is really a fun and creative tool. Only i wish that it prevents the user to skip the dots so easily.



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You are correct, we have stopped maintaining the Boardgame content type. It is available on github, though:

Your comment was made a year ago. But the Board game content type is still available in the Select Content type drop menu...

Is it because the Board Game is back on track?

I played around with it a little and I loved the concept!

I know I can create Board Game activities on, but I can't import them in my Moodle site because the activity in not in the hub. Is it because this activity has not been released "for real"? I'm new to H5P and still trying to understand how it works within moodle.

Thank you!

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Boardgame is still unmaintained, and AFAIK the H5P core team is not planning to do any updates to it. The reason why it is still available here on, is that we don't wanna destroy Boardgames created in the past.

If you really want to use it on your Moodle site, you can download it from h5p.orgm and upload it to your Moodle site.