unable to decode media error

am trying to insert a media file to my presentation i got the following error : "unable to decode media file"

Media file type : mp4

media file size : 2.3 mb

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What browser are you in and on what platform ?

Perhaps the file is missing some necessary metadata for the browser.


i am using firefox browser to create a new content presentation.

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I think the file is missing some metadata, are you able to upload other video files of the same format ? How about other formats ?

the video that i am trying to upload was with avi extension but since this extension is not available on H5P i convert it to mp4.

how can make sure that my video file is missing some metada

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Sorry, I'm not particularly familiar with video conversion.

Are you able to upload other videos that you have converted ? Are you able to play the video in other HTML5 players ? I would try a different converter and google around a bit.