Unable to see "Add H5P" button in WP

Hi, I've installed the H5P plugin and can't seem to see the "Add H5P" button when adding a new post.

We're running WP v. 4.5.3.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Are you able to create H5Ps ? Just not inserting them into posts ?

I suspect that this is related to that H5P is using 'media_buttons_context' to create or modify the button, which is deprecated. If a different plugin is using a similar method for adding content there might be some conflict. Do you have several other plugins on your site which allow you to insert content into a post ?

I have created an issue for looking into this.


Hi Thomas, thanks for getting back on this. Able to create H5Ps just fine, it's just the actual H5P button is missing when adding a post. Here's a screen of the plugins we have on our WordPress account - would any of these cause a conflict?

Excited to get moving with this interactive content so would really appreciate any assistance here.




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I'm not aware of any conflicts with any of these plugins, then again I have not used any of them. You could try deactivating them one by one to see if that helps. If you are aware that some of your plugins add buttons to the "post" page, then that would be your go-to plugin to disable first. Unfortunately I don't have any other advice for you at this moment.

Best regards, Thomas