Linking page/course into H5P

I'm new to H5P and have searched the focum topics to try to find an answer to my question but haven't been able to - so I'm turning to the forum!

We're building an FAQ Accordion for our Faculty Resource Center.  In it I want to link some pages from within the same course into the H5P content.  However, instead of it taking the user to that page, it appears to open a duplicate course to access the page which isn't acceptable.  The same situation occurs when I try to link to one of our courses that we want to point Faculty toward. 

I thought it might be tied to how the link is being added to the H5P content, but can't see what the issue might be.  Thanks for any assistance!  (I've tried to attach an image of the issue.

Judy L. Harmon
TVCC Distance Learning

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Ah, I understand the problem.

Could you double check the link settings inside the text editor when editing the accordion? When you use the link button in the text editor there should be a target tab specifying how the link will open. Using _blank will open in a new window/tab and _top will navigate the current window.

The target should be _blank by default, but if the text is copied from somewhere it may contain a different target.

Let me know how it works out.