"start video at" feature

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I was asked by several people if it was possible with H5P to start a video at a particular point in time (just like you can do with videos on YouTube by setting the corresponding GET variables in the URL). I took the liberty to add some lines of code to interactive video and to file in a pull request.

What do other users of H5P think of this feature? Would it be useful for you?

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Cool, I have created an issue for reviewing this feature :)

Would be interested to hear what kind of use-cases this has.

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One use case I had come up this week was using the Hotspots content type. We created an image and are adding hotspots that have text, and in some places include a YouTube video. For a couple of the hotspots that include videos, the relevant content from YouTube starts at 04:29, so it would be helpful if the video clip would start there when our students watch the hotspot video, rather than having to scrub through the clip themselves. It is not a video we created, so we cannot simply re-cut the video ourselves. 

Thanks for considering this feature!

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I don't know from everybody what they intend to do, but one use case was that some videos are used in different contexts and the instructors wanted to avoid cutting them again - they simply want to skip some part :-)


I would like to add a YouTube video inside a Course Presentation and use the YouTube's "start at" feature. However when I paste the video link with the corresponding starting time element, the video does not work (Playback error).

Do you know if there is something I can do?

Thank you

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Hi Mikael,

Can you try to use the video without the "start at" feature? If this works I suggest to just use the "Start Video at" option in the Behavioural Settings of the Interactive Video.

If disabling the "start at" video still gives you the error message please provide the URL of the video that we can check.



Many thanks for your comment.

I don't need to create an Interactive Video, I need to insert a Video inside a Course Presentation.

The problem is that inserting a Video this way doesn't feature Behavioural Settings nor a "Start Video at".

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Hi Mikael,

Thank you for clarifying this. 

I tested YouTube's "start at" feature to check if it was the one causing the issue and here's what I found out:

1. The "start at" feature is not the cause of the issue.

2. The "start at" feature does not work as it was intended to when the video is inserted in an H5P content. It simply starts at the 0:00 mark.

Since the "start at" feature of Youtube will not work anyways I suggest that you use the interactive video instead. Anyway you can leave it without any interactions and will work as a simple video player. 

If the video still doesn't play please make sure that the video is not set to "private" in Youtube.


Thanks a lot the support. Yes, it's working with interactive videos but before I didn't notice that I could add an Interactive video inside a Course Presentation. Now that I know, my issue is definitely gone :)

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That's good to hear Mikael. If you have any other questions feel free to post in the forum :-)