use HTML in an embedded question

hi there,

is there an option to use HTML in order to design a question inside interactive video?

I would like the question to support RTL, and in order to do so i was thinking to write the question like this:


 <p dir="rtl">my question in hebrew </p>



thanks :)

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This is not possible at the moment as far as I know. CKEditor is the wysiwyg used in H5P Core. I believe some security measures would have to be in place to allow HTML.

Me also looking for a solution to add HTML

i am integrating h5p with gravity forms 

this will help me to run multiple intractive videos one after one. so the particiapnt cannot jump the specific videos if they wish. they will need to complete one by one

here i am facing a chanllenge to add a HTML coded link at end of each videos to go to next video which is not possible.

i can ass link. but i cannot make it hidden URL.


is there any solution for this?

many thanks

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Hi jasimp,

I'm afraid not as of the moment.


i saw so many people requesting for the same since 2014

But sadly , no one shown the interest!

The H5p will go to another lvel if we can add HTML content as there are a lot of innovativbe ideas shared by many people.

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Hi jasimp!

You don't need to wait for the H5P core team to find the time given all the other things they have to do. H5P is open source software. Anyone can add the changes or collect funds to pay someone to do the job.