Some basic styling questions

In looking at some of the H5P examples, I see people are able to create multi-coloured backgrounds on a single slide, for example with a strip of blue across the top that has white lettering, and below that a white background with black lettering. I've also seen some cool examples where people have created other backgrounds that have angled lines or what have you. I'd like to know how everyone is doing this, because it doesn't seem that I can add coloured backgrounds to individual elements. I can only see how to change the background for the whole slide.

I know enough CSS to add my own styles to the stylesheet, but I can't see how that would help me if I can't call specific classes or write HTML on a slide. So, how is everyone doing this? Are you using images as backgrounds and laying the text on top of it? Or am I just missing something really obvious?

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Hi willski,

I'm not sure how they exactly created the contents, but how do described it above I think I have an idea and it's not so complicated as you think it may be :-) .

I will use one of the sample contents to better explain this. Please note that this content was created prior to having the feature of changing the background color in Course Presentation. I've attached a screenshot of the 2nd slide.

In this example:

  • Background is the default color
  • The gray on the right side is an image
  • The border of the video is another image that is white
  • Lastly the color of the texts can be changed in the editor


Furthermore you can download and upload the contents from other authors. So that you can check how they created their contents.