Can I make graphic changes as I need/want or I'll find some difficulties? Thanks

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You won't to replace graphics that are part of the H5P content types? Could you give an example?

I would like to change buttons, frames, marks colors, etc. Only graphics details. Is it possible?

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yes, are you using Wordpress or Drupal`?

I intend to use H5P plugin for WP.

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Ok, if Wordpress adding css is still a bit cumbersome, but this is how it is done:

I hope we're able to make it easier in our next release.

Sorry for the delay.  I'm using the H5P plugin, not eh embed solution (iframes). That solution will work? If yes, how can I do to know all components to change colors ans font, for example? What I need to do to translate everything to my language? Thanks.

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Yeah, we use iframes in the H5P Wordpress plugin to make sure that the themes css doesn't mess up the H5P. Content inside an iframe isn't affected by the sites css. You'll have to find the css classes for the elements you want to change and add them to your css selector.