I cannot create H5P contents in Wordpress Genesis Framework, especially interactive video

Hi. I am making a new e-learning site to teach English.

Today, I installed H5P plugin to my new site, www.englishjump.net.

The site is being built up on Wordpress Genesis Framework and I use Education childtheme.

But I cannot make H5P contents fully on my site.

H5P works perfect in another site of mine, www.ismartedu.net

I have been making H5P contents there, downloading them, and uploading to other sites where it is not possible currently to create H5P contents.

I am wondering why H5P doesn't work properly with Genesis Framework because it is one of the most popular and famous framework.

Please let me know how I can solve the problem.




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Thanks for reporting. We'll be looking into this. We've added a high priority issue for this on our task board.

Thank you for the reply, Falcon. I appreciate what you and H5P team is doing :)

Thank you for the update.

Now H5P works on Genesis Framework. Thank you very much :)

I've also checked H5P with WPLMS theme. Now it works with WPLMS theme.

Thank you very much again for the update!!

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Cool! :)