responsive problem

when rotating screen in the fullscreen mode the content goes out of the browser window and me attached a screenshot of the problem how can we avoid that

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I can't see any screenshot, can you attach it ? What content type is it in and what environment are you experiencing this in ?

The content type is interactive video and i am experience it when i rotate the screen to landscape while the video is in full screen on portrait mode vice versa

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  1. Could you please add a screenshot
  2. Which device are you seeing this on?
  3. Which browser are you using?
  4. Which version of that browser are you using

here is the screenshot

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It's hard for me helping you, when you are not answering my questions. Please see my questions above.

I am using chrome browser and its version is 53.

The problem occured when i inspect the interactive video in nexus 7 i clicked full screen mode in portrait orientation and rotated the screen to check the view in landscape orientation.

here i am attaching the screenshots

The first attached image is normal view of the video in nexus7

The second attached image is the full screen view in the portrait mode

The third attached image is the rotated(landscape) when video in full screen view in the portrait orientation.

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Is this problem you have seen on a real device? I have tested this using the Chrome inspector's device emulator, but am not able to reproduce using Chrome 53.