Drupal: Multiple H5P content on a single node

Wondering if there's a way to combine H5P content in a single drupal node.  For example display Timeline content and below that provide a set of questions for users.  Likewise have a page of textual content that includes both an H5P video and an H5P audio.



I'm guessing the method would be to use the H5P Course Presentation option... but I'm wondering about a more generic approach that doesn't end up as a slide.


You could accomplish this using the Node Embed module. I just tested placing a timeline and multichoice question on the same page using this method and it seemed to work fine.

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Yeah, using the embed code is another option. We'll add new options in the future. What would be your prefered way? I find shortcodes quite practical and it's being used a lot in Wordpress, adding [h5p:15] for instance would replace the shortcode with H5P node with node id 15, but I know that this doesn't work for everyone.

I like the idea of shortcodes ... filters in Drupal. Would allow the user to place the content wherever they wanted in the node.

You can do this using views module in Drupal at least. Tried with question set and it works.